DeWys University On the Job Training

10_dewys_university_grayscale_metal乐虎直播app苹果下载DeWys University is our own program developed to sustain our business through on the job training. As a manufacturer in Michigan, we need to create the talent required to keep up with our growth.

The DeWys University curriculum is based on both theory and practice. Not only do students get to understand DeWys Manufacturing, they also get on the job training with a certified trainer for the area in which they have applied. It’s like a manufacturing trade school.

hands on training lasts approximately 6 weeks, then the student gets incorporated into a production team where he or she will continue to be observed for another 6 weeks. this approach to manufacturing jobs training allows students to fully understand what it takes to be a successful team member at dewys manufacturing.

Complete Courses in:

  • DU Welding

    Welding Training Courses

    dewys university offers a 12-week welding training program that incorporates both theory and practice.

    welding, as you might imagine, is best for those who have good hand-eye coordination. while prior welding experience is always preferred, dewys university is here to teach you the skills you need to learn and grow on the job.

    Employees in this program will be trained in both MIG and TIG Welding in both classroom and on the job training by our experienced staff.

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    Learn more about our welding capabilities and equipment now. 

  • DU Press Brake

    Brake Press Training Courses

    dewys university offers a 12-week training program in brake press operation that incorporates both theory and practice.

    Pass a mechanical reasoning test

    we’re looking for potential employees who want to work for a great company, to learn and grow with us. critical thinking skills and your ability to make proper corrections to quality are important. if you have an interested in learning how to run a bystronic press brake.

    IMG_2161Kris (Brake Press Trainer)

    “dewys university is a program where we bring in unskilled labor that we can train to become a good fit for our company. this allows us to bring in a younger generation and keep up with the evolving technology.”

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  • DU Powder Coating

    Powder Coating Training

    dewys university offers a 12-week paint line training program for our power coating division.

    乐虎直播app苹果下载there are various areas of the paint line including:

    • Powder Coating itself
    • Loading & Unloading the paint line
    • Prehang
    • Inspector
    • Vault Person Training

    乐虎直播app苹果下载if you have some experience in working on a paint line, then we should talk. even if you don’t, but you’re interested in working with a strong, growing company, then dewys university is here for you.

    IMG_2148Juan (Powder Coating Trainer)

    “having these training programs through dewys university is useful for any youth to start working. the trainees get hands-on experience that allows them to be trained and understand the techniques the appropriate way.”

    Please apply nowor you can learn more about our powder coating capabilities now.

  • DU Cutting

    Cutting Training Courses

    dewys university offers a 12-week training program in cutting operations

    the various areas of cutting include:

    • Shake Out
    • Turret Punching
    • Laser Cutting


  • DU Assembly


    dewys university offers a 12-week assembly training program for our assembly operations.

    乐虎直播app苹果下载the various areas of assembly include:

    • Component assemblies to completed product
    • Quality Inspection
    • One Work Flow Line
    • Composer Software

    Interested in learning more about our assembly capabilities? Click here!



Words from Laura Preuss, Dean of DeWys University

乐虎直播app苹果下载“DeWys University allows the company to approach finding candidates to fill positions differently than ever before. We now have the opportunity to find the right person and train him/her to be the right fit for a position. The University also allows us to stay true to the family values, which includes time for the “students” to fully understand the DeWys policies, procedures and core values. The ultimate goal of the university is to “graduate” people into full functioning DeWys Team Members who are excited about their future with our company.”

Call Laura Preuss at 616-677-5281 or email her your resume at to find out more information!